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      1. HansenN

        Zhuzhou HansenN Chemicals Co., Ltd

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        Address: Xinma Industrial Park, Tianyuan District, Zhuzhou 412000, China

        Contact person: Wen An Li

        Tel: +86-731-22585203

        Fax: +86-731-28823187

        Mobile: +86-13807330523

        Email: msm@as-msm.com


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        MSM helps relieve common pain problems(Toothache)

        If you have a toothache, please see a dentist. MSM may not eliminate your symptoms, but it can help the treatment process and reduce pain and inflammation. MSM is an additional weapon in the fight against gum disease. If neglected, gingivitis will develop into periodontitis. MSM crystals or capsules can be used directly. Follow the daily serving size of 2-8g. Use the water and MSM mixture 2 or 3 times a day as a mouthwash. MSM is also effective when applied directly to the gums. MSM is very effective for patients who have a lot of toothache and are often allergic. It reduces the pulp (nerve) inflammation to a controllable range, and the pulp reduces pain and allergies. It also reduces the risk of root sockets in the future.